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honu KATOCOFFEE CO., LTD.  honu KATOCOFFEE CO., LTD. If you taste Katocoffee once, you will quickly identify the difference.

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Tatsuya KatoIn 1986; Kato Tatsuya at his age 25 started to roast specialty coffee in a small location in Nagoya city. In the beginning his coffee shop was just 39.

He always believed that the quality of roasted coffee beans is crucial to make a good tasted cup of coffee. Gradually, the number of customers increased and now there are thousands of regular customers all over Japan.

honu Katocoffee is the number 1 internet coffee shop, where most of the coffee lovers continuously shop and kept their trust for years. Furthermore, racks of many department stores and supermarkets are filled with Katocoffee. In addition, number of restaurants and coffee shops are using Katocoffee to serve their customers with rich tasted coffees.

From 2003, Katocoffee started to bid in various international coffee auctions namely Cup of Excellence (COE) and Q Grade as they provide strictly selected high quality coffees. Katocoffee uses the open fire roasting method to enhance the taste and the sweet smell of their coffees.

If you taste Katocoffee once, you will quickly identify the difference.

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